The Great Convergence, just one of the festivals celebrating this dawning of a new era.

With the end of the Mayan Calendar fast approaching, many of us are starting to have a feeling that we should be acknowledging this time by coming together with others in an intentional gathering, luckily, we aren’t the only ones feeling that. There are many large and small planned events happening around the world right around the time of December 21st, some directly involved with the Mayan Calendar, and some others simply because we as humans are understanding that this will be a very high vibrational time in history, and what better way to celebrate than to go to a festival!  One of the most attractive options for revelers is The Great Convergence being held at the site of the great pyramids in Giza, Egypt. The premise for The Great Convergence relies on gathering at this time not for the end of the Mayan Calendar, rather to be a part of a great galactic alignment in our solar system, thought to happen every 26,000 years, which many are convinced is what the Mayan Calendar end date is actually recognizing.  Some consider this alignment to be the marker of the beginning of a new era or a new age. Some even consider this to be a transition into a new paradigm and an evolutionary turning point for the Earth and humanity.

Whatever the Winter Solstice brings this December, those attending The Great Convergence will have plenty to celebrate with an amazing lineup of the top electronic music producers and DJ’s from the west coast’s music scene for their dancing and listening pleasure throughout the eight day adventure.  Headliners include the dizzying gypsy sounds of Beats Antique,  eclectic Bollywood beats from west coast bred David Starfire, and the ever evolving legendary producer and DJ Gaudi.  Other familiar favorites set to perform include Random Rab, Bluetech, and Govinda.

The Great Convergence promises to be more than just a music festival though, hosting discussion groups and workshops with journalists, film makers, professors, and artists, with topics mostly  revolving around what the new world we are creating looks like and what are we birthing as the year 2012 comes to completion and we step into 2013, which many believe to be a new era: The Age of Aquarius. There will also be a presentation of “The Unified Theory” by Jaime Janover.  

Other add-ons include a Nile River Cruise, air-conditioned bus transportation service, and a tier of arranged hotel stays, suitable for all budgets including 5 star to camping. 

With a beginning ticket price of $550.00, which doesn’t include airfare or lodging, this will be a destination festival only attainable by some, but looks to be worth every effort made and every penny spent to be a part of this celebration of a rare and magical moment that many have been waiting for, to be a part of history, to be part of The Great Convergence. 

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