Michael Franti releases a new song for Peace.

Yesterday, San Francisco singer Michael Franti released a new song titled “Same as it ever was (start today)” in response to the recent judicial rulings surrounding the death of civilian Eric Garner. Michael produced the song with his long time band Spearhead and producer Di Genius.  Michael says that after he heard the verdict in the case, and saw Garners family speak on TV that “It was really emotional for me”, and he wrote a song that is not only emotionally charged but a call to all of us to start making the change now.

Watch the Video for Michael’s new song “Same As It Ever Was (Start Today)”



Michael gave an in depth interview to Rolling Stone about his reasons for writing the song and what motivated the lyrics. READ the entire interview HERE

In response, Franti wrote “Same as It Ever Was (Start Today),” which he recorded with his long-running group Spearhead. The lyrics to the song, which Franti worked on with producer Di Genius, call for change and a better understanding between police and communities. “When we used to have a problem we used to call the police,” he sings somberly at one point of the song, “but who we gonna call when the police make a problem?” Amid jazzy piano and a down-tempo beat, Franti asks everyone to start reassessing their attitudes toward one another today. “I really wanted to write something that would touch hearts, make people think and be moved to work for change in our country,” Franti says.

[from Rolling Stone]





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