Franti’s latest single and call for Peace, “Same as it Ever Was”, is available now for download.

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Our new song “Same As It Ever Was (Start Today)” is out now! The song is a response to the crisis taking place in America today over the lack of grand jury indictments in the Eric Garner and Michael Brown killings.

I talked with Rolling Stone about the song, the inspiration for it and my own personal experiences being profiled by police. Click here to read the interview.

We all have a stake and a responsibility in bringing about these changes. We might not ever live in a society that is just, unbiased, kind and peaceful all the time, but I know for sure we can all do way better than what we are doing right now. So let’s not give up trying. That is the challenge today and we’ve all been called to play a role in, let’s start today.

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Read the interview with Rolling Stone

Thanks to everyone who has been inspired by our video to make your own signs…let’s keep it going.  Write your messages and tag it #IAmTheChange on Twitter and Instagram to share it with us.

-Michael Franti

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