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Beloved’s Inspire Truth New Years Eve event was of epic proportion this year! Stepping into the grand entry way of the Portland Art Museum you are transported to a magical world of artistic transcendence. The elaborately costumed attendees keep you rapt but the electronic pulse of the music pulls you further inside!

There are three main rooms, each themed with a smorgasbord of music to choose from. One could stop for a photo at Dabooth, drink tapped Kombucha at the bar or grab a mixed drink on every level of the museum.

The facilitation was a little different this year. There was more security and a head count for capacity which resulted in lines to get into each room. The lack of free movement from room to room was a bit of a hinderance. Overall this was an amazing event! Beloved is doing a great job at putting on some truly transformational events! We say keep up the good work!

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The folks responsible for the devotional music inspired Beloved Festival in Oregon each year once again brought us the New Years Eve treat Inspire Truth.  The lineup included Emancipator, ThePolish AmbassadorQuixotic, and many more beautiful and inspiring musicians, DJs, and artists.  Held at the Portland Art Museum, Inspire Truth was a night of merriment and wild abandon, continuing through New Years Day with a full day of Music, Ecstatic Dance, Yoga, Workshops, and traditional New Years Food and Drink. 

Photo by Reiley Rae

Photo by Reiley Rae


For more info about Inspire Truth and Beloved click HERE

inspire truth photo by Reiley Rae2

Photo by Reiley Rae


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