Another single release from Michal Menerts long awaited Space Jazz album.

After two years of meticulous creation and recreation in the beat laboratory he calls ‘the spacement’, Michal Menert emerges to show us what the future looks like with his new single, “Everything Shines”. With the Space Jazz album release just around the corner, fans of dance and electronic music will be seduced by the style and direction that could define the next generation of electro-soul.

michal menert everything shines cover


“Everything Shines” is the second single to be released from the album, but musically it is the first of it’s kind. An epitaph to nights past and an anthem for those to come, this novel track features the warm and vast synth lines that underpin much of Menert’s catalogue, but truly comes to life through the Colorado producer’s own recorded futurebass-style vocals and progressive beat.


“Everything Shines is an ode to long nights spent losing ourselves in the moment. It’s a look back at the first taste of everything around us shining, at a feeling we chase for the rest of our lives, a split second of tasting something that lingers on our palette forever.” -Michal Menert


The full Space Jazz album will be released next month on Michal Menert’s own label, Super Best Records, and available for free download. Check the tour schedule for a show coming to a venue near you, and stay tuned for the next big steps.


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