Our journey has ended. Is this where yours begins?



We started VibeWest years ago with a desire to become more involved in the West Coast Festival Lifestyle, beyond simple spectator.  As always, we know there is something special about the Festivals up and down the West Coast, and the people who make them happen.  Over the years we have seen an evolution and explosion of Festival size and atmosphere, number of Festivals, genre crossing Music Lineups, Art pushed beyond the limits we have seen before, Festival fashion going mainstream, increase in price to attend, Etc.   It is still obvious even with the extreme amount of choices we have of different Festivals to go to around the world, the West Coast is still producing the most creative, the biggest, and simply put, the best parties around.

It has come to a time in our lives that which none of us on the core VibeWest team have the ability or time it takes to bring VibeWest to the next level.  What started as bedroom blog is now a recognized presence and name at Festivals all over the West Coast and beyond.  Our contributors have been covering some amazing happenings for years now, from first time Festival Arise in Colorado to the established Bumbershoot in Seattle.  We have interviewed some of our favorite artists like the beautiful Zoe Jakes of Beats Antique  to the scenes newest peaceful warrior Nahko Bear of Medicine for the People.  We have been blessed, received and welcomed with open arms and given a chance to explore deeper into the world of West Coast Festivals.

Alas though, our time in this form has come to an end.  As Chief Editor and one of the Creators of VibeWest, I now pass this project on to the people.  For any of our contributors already writing and shooting for us, now could be the time for you to step into a more directional role and take over for me, or perhaps someone who has never contributed will be the one to start a new journey of their own.  Regardless of who,  VibeWest is now a true open source platform and available for whoever will take it from here…

with grace,

Zachariah Dylan Bunnell, Chief Editor and Creator

For the “Keys to the Kingdom” please contact Zachariah at zachariah@vibewest.net



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