Kaleidoscope shows a deep commitment to a light eco impact for this years Festival.

The folks over at OneEleven have proclaimed their commitment to producing a green gathering and respecting the natural environment where the Kaleidoscope Music Festival is held.  The Emerald Meadows in Eugene, Oregon is a beautiful green forested area where the 3-day camping festival will take place, and the producers not only promise to do their part to implement greening measures that will leave as little a mark on the land as possible and a near-zero waste event, they have also released a list of things participants can do before and during the Festival as well.


All of us involved in bringing you Kaleidoscope Music Festival share a deep and personal commitment to our natural environment. We value our vital ecosphere generally, and Emerald Meadows specifically. We treasure this special place as a gift, a blessing that affords us the privilege of holding three days of celebration at a location so rich with nature. We trust that you align with our feelings. We ask that you treat the land with the respect and reverence it deserves.


Below are a few guidelines. Please adhere to these simple and painless requests.


Prior to the Festival…

    • To whatever degree possible, bring your own food for personal consumption. If such food includes fruits and vegetables, seek out locally grown items from area stores.


    • Before arriving at the festival, package your food into reusable containers. Doing so allows you to take those containers back with you. This will eliminate packaging waste left on the premises.


  • Bring reusable cups, plates, and utensils. Avoid single-use dinnerware.

Respect the Natural Setting…

    • If possible, bike to the festival. If biking is not a reasonable option for you, arrange to carpool or ride-share.


    • Everywhere within the greater region of the festival, walk only on designated trails. Be especially careful to not step on flowers or small plants.


    • Treat all living beings (plants and animals) with respect. Leave all natural features (even rocks) exactly as you find them. Reducing your impact on the land allows others to enjoy this beautiful setting in its pristine state.


    • Do not dig trenches or build structures within your campsite.


  • Appreciate the special surroundings you are visiting. Emerald Meadows and Buford Park provide a spectacular setting for an amazing fun-filled weekend. By respecting the natural environment, you ensure our ability to host Kaleidoscope at this same location in future years.

Reduce Your Waste…

    • Always use the provided garbage and recycling bags. We urge you to keep your campsite clean and reduce your impact on the environment in any way possible. Doing so will help us clean the area after your departure.


    • Reuse! Whether utensils or plastic water bottles, try to reuse everything you touch. As a general rule, don’t allow any item of yours to be a single-use item.


    • Regarding your campsite, do everything you can to keep it spotless. Do not allow wind-blown litter. Pick up any waste you see, whether yours or not.


    • Pack out everything you bring in with you. This includes all items, large and small. No exceptions.


    • Bring a tin container for cigarette butts. When you leave the premises for the last time, empty that tin into a garbage receptacle.


  • Always be thinking in terms of reducing your impact on the natural environment. If everyone does his or her part, and acts with respect and reverence, we will leave our precious setting in unspoiled condition.

Waste Management…


Kaleidoscope will be a near zero-waste event. We will have in place infrastructure to divert over 90% of waste from being sent to the landfill. We are doing this through extensive recycling and composting efforts, together with an aggressive educational campaign geared towards educating attendees on our expected sustainability practices. Additionally, we are making extensive efforts to preserve the ecosystem that will be hosting our event. We are set to accomplishing this through constant retrieval of ground litter and servicing/sorting of all Zero-Waste Stations. Efforts include:

  • Zero-Waste stations throughout the festival, all of which will include a compost, recycling and garbage bin. No stand-alone garbage bins will be present.
  • Required vendor composting. This includes all dinnerware used at the festival, along with any pre-consumer compost produced.
  • Garbage and recycling bags, provided on a complimentary basis to each camping-pass holder. Also included will be educational literature.
  • An extensive educational campaign targeting campers and festival-goers. Info will include sustainability practices to be implemented prior to the festival.
  • A campground sustainability crew that will be continually interacting with campers and encouraging sustainable practices throughout the course of the festival.
  • Sustainability booths that will host a variety of educational campaigns. Several campaigns will be geared towards resource, water, and ecosystem preservation. These booths will also provide a place for attendees to ask and receive answers to sustainability-related questions.


All Environment and Sustainability measures are seen as a team effort. And you are part of that team. We thank you for your diligence.

[from the website]

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