Inaugural Arise Festival kicks off this weekend in Loveland, Colorado

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The First Annual Arise Festival kicks off this weekend in Loveland, Colorado!  The festival is certainly a huge undertaking for the producers and if it proves successful   it will be a great addition to the already amazing Festival lineup in Colorado, especially for a camping event.  The lineup will host many different genres of music and performance in a effort to appeal to a cross section of attendees and bring people together for the intention of the entire gathering, which as promoters declare, is to “Uplift the World through Music”….to Arise….


Michal Menert from the Pretty Lights Music Group is not only a Colorado home-town boy, but is also set to play a big set at the Festival on friday night.  VibeWest had a chance to talk with Michal about his music and upcoming tour, and he had this to say about the Arise Festival…mikem2


VW– Your set to play The Arise Festival  in about a week, what are your expectations for the Festival?

MM– Very Excited.  Im actually very excited about it because its more like a family-friendly, more conscious Festival than the other ones I have played. Not that the other ones are Satanic or something. I feel like I can compare it to High Sierra which I was at earlier this year for the first time and I was blown away because Im used to playing to these more heavily built Electronic Festivals where you get a lot of kids partying, a lot of neon, a lot of just like raging you know, and thats awesome and any artist would love that, but a lot of times the kids don’t even know what they are listening to or whats going on, and a lot of artists play a lot of other artists music during that so its even more of a cluster fuck and its like what? who? who am i hearing? So I feel like there is so much loss of identity for the artists and you get lost in the scene with like 20 acts a day over 4 days, and what High Sierra was like and what I expect Arise to be like is that it will make more of an impact on the crowd simply because they aren’t there to see like 10 different artists in the next two hours.  What Im really trying to say is that when you play to crowds that aren’t strictly EDM crowds your almost doing more for your career because your bringing people who aren’t into it, into it…which is what a Festival used to be.  I remember when a Festival used to be like different genres and 10 or 15 acts that really represented those genres, and thats what I love about Coachella and those Festivals that are still like that. Im excited for Arise because of so much cross over and how much time and effort was put into the Festival and how great it looks already from an artists perspective, and knowing the site growing up around Loveland, and Im really excited because i feel like its going to expose a lot of people to my music who haven’t heard my music and give my fans a really cool place to hear my music especially those that aren’t necessarily EDM fans.



VW– The Arise Festival in general is so dynamic and has so much intention behind it which is why we wanted to be so involved with it, and like you said to bring your fans and also the fans of Zap Mama or Michael Franti and the activists and bring everyone together is a pretty powerful thing.

MM– Yeah exactly, I mean Daryl Hannah, come on!

[from the VibeWest interview]

More info on the Arise Festival website!

Stay tuned for more coverage of this inaugural event!

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