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VibeWest is a project celebrating the uniqueness of the West Coast Festival Scene, with a presence not only in the United States, but stretching from as far as Canada to Costa Rica and beyond. VibeWest is a collaborative project and is successful because of the many wonderful people contributing their time, energy, and creations. We work with writers, artists, photographers, videographers, bands, DJ’s, solo performers, promoters, producers, and anyone else wishing to contribute. We are currently looking for anyone who wishes to get involved, whatever you have to contribute. Perhaps you like to go to shows and could write a review about your experience, or maybe your a photographer that loves shooting bands, or a videographer who would be interested in a project in which you got to create organic music videos with the bands and solo artists that we love. Also calling all Artists, we want to show your work. We have been blessed to meet many wonderful artists from around the world and having your art be a major part of the West Coast Festivals is one of the things that is setting the scene for these unique gatherings to be the new model of what Festivals can and should be. Fashion designers and sellers are another part of our tribe, the styles we have not only invented out here, but have also embraced, are completely fresh and at the same time classic. Lets show the world what our tribe is doing out here!

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Please send us your information, ideas, projects completed or in the works, or anything else that you think is representative of the West Coast Festival Scene.

If you are promoting or producing a Festival or throwing a party or event, and you want VibeWest to get involved, let us know!

Projects in the works:

Reviews of live shows from any Band, Dj, Solo Artist, or performer that is or should be a part of the West Coast Festival Scene.

Reviews of Festivals

Photos of live shows from any Band, Dj, Solo Artist, or performer that is or should be a part of the West Coast Festival Scene.

VibeWest Video Project – a project in which we wish to create a different kind of music video experience, where VibeWest photographers and videographers will be put together with Bands and Artists to capture musical performances in different and random settings, often acoustic or minimal, and always intimate.

Fashion Shows

VibeWest Artists Scholarships – A way in which we can help some of the artists we meet around the world get their art out here to be shown and showcased at West Coast Events.

Sponsored Events

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