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EDITOR/CREATORZachariah Bunnell

I have been attending Festivals here on the West Coast for the last 20 years. I know the West Coast Festival Scene has blossomed into something very unique and special, and in many ways we have a lot to teach the rest of the world about the importance of gathering the way we do, in celebration of life!

I see VibeWest as an open source platform for all who love the West Coast Festival Scene to share stories, photos, videos, reviews, and more and to co create even larger avenues for us explore with the amazing Festival community we have.  A place for non professional journalists and photographers to present material in a professional way.

I am a professional Culinarian and a travel junkie.








You might say I’m an experience junky! I thrive in new environments and like talking to strangers! Most likely you will find me in the sun; traveling, dancing, learning, and soaking up every bit of this life. I’ve devoted the last 10 years of my life caring for our senior citizens. Currently, I’m working towards my masters in Psychology and hope one day to become a strong voice for senior rights.

My best friend took me to my first underground rave, in Seattle, I was blown away. Music, dancing, art, love, in a space where it seemed that the rules and boundaries of the norm didn’t apply. From then on, I was hooked. The next 13 years we hit the road attending any festival we could find. VibeWest was created during our experience in 2011 at the Gaia Festival, in northern California, wanting to showcase the West Coast Festival scene and share what we had learned over the years with the rest of the world. The Festivals on the West Coast year after year are raising the bar when it comes to setting the standards on how to consciously gather in celebration and really making these events earth friendly.

I believe transformational gatherings around the world will be the antidote that penetrates hatred among the human race. I see how its already rapidly spreading and re-aligning us back to being ONE with each other and our planet!

Love and Light – Danielle

 jessica cerine

 ContributorJessica Cerine

Jessica is a healer, activator, and mother of four.  She has been involved with Festivals on the West Coast for 30 years and continues to find inspiration at gatherings old and new.  Among many roles in life Jessica also works as an intuitive life coach in Portland, Oregon.






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Jessica Cerine

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